“I never asked myself why, or why it happened to me of all people. I understood that perhaps I can’t determine what is going to happen to me in life, but I can choose how to respond to what has happened...”

Shay Reller- Developer

‘To the abyss and back - making lemonade out of lemons’

My lecture, “To the abyss and back” tells the story of my injury and rehabilitation over the past years.

The lecture is exhilarating, emotional and inspirational, and makes the audience understand from my life experiences the power of positive thinking, optimism, faith and will power. I aim to awaken among the audience the understanding that it is possible to cope with and to overcome the greatest difficulties and challenges in life, even when they seem at first to be impossible. In my lecture, I share the insights and tools that helped me to deal with the traumatic experiences that I went through, to help you find the strength to overcome the challenges you face.

Thousands of people from all walks of life have attended my lectures, which deal with issues such as motivation, putting things in perspective, and dealing with difficulties and challenges – issues that are an integral part of everyone’s life.

Invite me to share my experiences and my insights with your organization, at workshops, seminars and conferences, or any other forum.

“To the abyss and back – all you need to know about relations between therapists and patients”

The lecture discusses the experiences I accumulated during the period I was hospitalized in Nepal and then in Israel, and the physical and emotional rehabilitation I underwent during this time. I talk about my interactions with the rehab team and the medical staff and the important role they played in the process I went through.

I expose my feelings and sensations as a patient undergoing treatment, in the hope of giving medical and rehab staff, present and future, insights that will help them carry out their work in the best possible way. The lecture is aimed at medical teams and rehabilitation staff: doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, social workers, and students in these fields.

“Love without limits” – Everything you wanted to know about love, relationships, and disabilities

The lecture is all about love and relationships when disabilities become part of the equation.

All of us (or most of us) are looking (or have looked) for a romantic partner. For some of us, it’s easy, and for others a little more difficult… now add a disability to the mix and you get a real challenge.


In this lecture, together with my partner Idit, we share the story of how a young man in a wheelchair got to know a young lady without any disabilities. We talk about the challenges we had to deal with and take you on our journey to marriage. The goal of this lecture is to bring alive for the audience, out of our personal experiences, the importance of openness, of bringing down barriers and of faith in the process of finding a partner, and faith in a relationship itself.


The lecture accentuates to the audience the power of love and the importance of willpower, and shows how with them it is possible to overcome any difficulty and any challenge.


I'm still full of excitement and appreciation!

I have just now seen and heard you, and I'm still full of excitement and appreciation


Amazing evening we experienced together!

Thanks for the amazing evening we experienced together. we waited so much to hear your lecture


inspiring lecture. Bless you!

Thank you for a fascinating and inspiring lecture. Bless you.


Fascinating and exciting!

Your lecture was fascinating, exciting and inspiring. We continue to receive enthusiastic responses from participants