Mentorship program

Personal development training

For me, there is nothing greater than to march side by side with someone on their life journey and to undergo together with them a process of transformation. I am a “people person” and interpersonal relationships, the ability to listen, to advise, to help, to convey a message and to influence, are a great privilege for me.

My passion for self-growth and self-development led me to get acquainted with and study Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), a therapy method through which it is possible to understand the processes going on inside our minds and why we react to events the way we do. NLP provides techniques and tools that influence our sensations, feelings, and behavior to help us excel and succeed in every field of life that is important to us.

Who among us doesn’t want to change habits, to change beliefs (about themselves and their environment), to get rid of negative states of mind and connect to positive feelings, to rid themselves of mental stagnation, to be motivated to action, to improve interpersonal communication and many other personality traits? I’m sure you all want to do at least one of those things!

So, if you want or need a change in your life, and you want to go through that change together with me and with the help of the tools and insights I have gained from my life experiences, and with NLP, contact me. I will do the best to make sure our journey is a successful one!