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Shay Reller

Hi, I'm Shay

In 2004, during a post-army trip to Nepal, the bus I was traveling on plunged down a ravine, leaving me almost completely paralyzed from the neck down. Despite my new reality, I decided that I would continue with all my plans and fulfill all my dreams from before the accident. Today, I lecture about my personal story, am a personal development mentor and a content creator on social media. I help people mobilize the resources within themselves and in their environment in order to be able to deal with reality, believe in themselves, be productive and succeed, and live a better life.

What Do I Do?


My lectures focus on positive thinking, optimism, and will power as tools for personal development, and success in career, family, and relationships.



If you want or need a change in your life, and you want to go through that change together with me, using the toolbox of my life experiences, and NLP, contact me.


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